Our Advice and Guidance for you when choosing your Solar PV Installer and how to avoid the Rogue Trader.

We suggest following the tips below, to ensure that you are getting a good deal, a good price and a good service. The cheapest installer is not necessary the best installer/deal for you.

1. Deal Direct
Ensure, where possible, that you can deal directly with the company that will be installing your panels and you are not being passed to an anonymous third party. Here at Lawson Solar we shall give you a designated Installer who you can contact any time. Please do not hesitate or contact your installer via email anytime you like, whatever your query. If you prefer to speak with us the old fashioned way we can be contacted on FREEPHONE 0800 046 1378, direct to our office, where our team of dedicated workers will be able to help you.

2. Who is accountable for the work?
Check who is accountable for the work, including insurance and warranty for electrical and installation, along with panel product and both performance and inverter warranty.

3. Equipment Accreditation
Confirm that the solar panels and inverter on the quote are MCS accredited and are a recognised label with customer services that can handle warranty issues.

4. Price / Quotation
If you are offered a cheap price, there is usually a reason for this – is the company new, inexperienced, using cheap products? Do they employ roofers, will they leave the roof as they find it? Here at Solar Concept, we offer a competitive price to that of our competitors, and just because you requested have a free quote from ourselves, does not mean you have to take us up on our offer. In fact, we recommend you get at least 1 more quote to compare ours with.

5. Member of REAL Renewable Energy Assurance Limited)?
Is the company an member of REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited), and does it adhere to the REAL Consumer Code of Conduct, protecting the rights of the customer. This covers the integrity of the information provided, through to keeping your deposit safe and ensuring your are never misled or mis-sold Solar PV

You can find details of all our Certification details on our Company Information Page.