Solar Panel Installation: Domestic Installs

As specialists in all types of Solar PV systems, including Domestic (Residential) and Commercial we pride ourselves in the work we carry out, ensuring both a professional and high standard of work is carried out at all times. Below we have detailed the process of how a Residential installation works, providing you with peace of mind before, during and after installation of your PV system.

Once you are happy with your free quote you requested, and have agreed an installation date to suit you, work can start on installing your new Solar PV System, generating you money from the moment it is complete.

A typical installation will take approximately two days from start to finish including the erection and removal of scaffolding. To make your installation even easier,Lawson Solar will also contact all the relevant organisations prior to your installation including Building Control and your local electricity company saving you the added paperwork.

Process of Installation – Day 1

1. Scaffold erected

2. Preparation of roof

3. Mounting of solar modules

4. Electrical cabling

Process of Installation – Day 2

5. Inverter mounted

6. Testing of system

7. Scaffold removed

8. Handover to customer

9. Paperwork sent to your electricity supplier so you can start receiving your Feed-in-Tariff (Clean Energy Cashback  Scheme)

At this point we’ll run through any questions you may have or help you with anything you’re not sure of. You can, of course contact us anytime prior to, during, or after installation with any questions, where any of the team (if not your designated installer), will be happy to help. Please note, there is no such thing as a silly question – it may even help you understand the process of PV Systems, or even help deliver a better service in the future.