Landlord & Housing Associations Solar PV System Installation

Here at Lawson Solar, we are specialists in Domestic and Commercial installations. There are great benefits at the moment for businesses, looking at Solar PV panels.  As well as the cash back from the government each year there’s also the great savings to be made on electricity usage.

Because the panels only work during daylight this is when they are earning their corn and as most businesses are closed overnight electricity usage is down to a minimum meaning even greater savings. With the price of energy set to rise year on year there’s never been a better time to install Solar PV and also to project a ‘greener’ image of your business resulting in a reduction of your carbon footprint.

We can provide a solution for you, using all the relevant data needed regarding commercial Feed in Tariffs and the different thresholds that exist. From the planning stage right through to commissioning and handover of your system, Lawson Solar will handle everything.

We offer a discount to all Landlords and Housing Associations. Why not contact us for a no obligation desktop quote or even if you just want ask us for advice.