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  • Mr Fawcett, Isle of Wight

    2.6kw Install

    Considering our future for when we both retire, we decided upon investing some of our savings into Solar Panels. After seeking advice from local residents who have previously had solar panels installed, we contacted Solar Concept (on advice of family based in the North East).

    Worried they would not be able to travel, (but possibly recommend someone more local), our minds were put at ease when Steve told us they operate all over the UK, even the Isle of Wight.

    After initial contact and home survey, a first class installation was carried out and the whole project took no more than 5 working days (over a 10 day period). An excellent service from the North-East of England based company willing to travel over 350 miles to the Isle of Wight. Here’s to the Sun!

  • Mr Lucas, Cambridge

    2.8kw Install

    We had been looking at the option of having Solar Panels install on our home, and took up an offer from a leaflet that recently dropped through our door.

    Before committing ourselves, we researched all about Solar Concept, reading some of their comments on their website and decided to give them a try.

    My partner got in touch and arranged a home visit. During the visit, we were advised on our estimated returns per year (£), and explained how much the complete installation would cost.

    We went ahead with the installation, which Steve and his team even completed ahead of time. We are now the proud owners of solar panel installation.

  • Mr Douglas, Cambridge

    3kw Install

    I would simply like to recommend Lawson Solar. I contacted them after reading a leaflet posted through my door. Normally I just throw away such marketing leaflets, as they tend to be dull and boring, but on this occasion, the attractive, bright, and informative leaflet really did catch my eye.

    After a good in-depth chat to Steve and his colleague Alan and a free home survey, I am the new owner of a 3kw / 10 panel installation, and have just started to reap rewards.

    From start to finish, the team were brilliant, tidying as they went to ensure mess what left. If everything goes to plan, then I shall be on course for a reasonable FIT return for my first year. Thanks once again for a job well done!

  • Mr Burchett, Rotherham

    2.8kw Install

    Although based in Rotherham we opted to contact Lawson Solar who are based in Sunderland. After researching various companies, it seemed the team at Lawson Solar came out on top, so after browsing their professional looking website and reading up on previous customers testimonials there was no option but to request a home survey.

    Speaking to Alan prior to the agreed survey date, gave us the perfect opportunity to ask questions regarding the actual installation. This made us feel at ease when the time came for the survey to be carried out.

    Indeed, our final decision to have a recommended 3kw solar panelling system installed came from the professional attitude and in-depth knowledge shown by Alan and the team whilst they carried out the home survey.

    Would we recommend? Everytime, without a doubt! Infact, we recommended Solar Concept to our friends located not far from our own home.